a showcase of peruvian talents

20 Hoxton Square

20 Hoxton Square Gallery brought a selection of emerging artists from Peru to town in this collaboration with Revolver Gallery & Mario Testino. Mario is an avid supporter for this gallery in his hometown, and would like to showcase their artists to the British audience. ‘Bruma’ is the spanish word for veil or cover. The show includes works by artists Miguel Andrade Valdez, Jerry B. Martin, José Carlos Martinat, Ishmael Randall Weeks and Giancarlo Scaglia. 

Huaca (2010) by Ishmael Randall Weeks

This sculpture by Ishmael Randall Weeks is made by bricks and looks like a miniature of an anicent town in a mountainous region with dwellings craved out from the rock/mud.

"Untitled 1 (Emesis Series)" (2011) by Giancarlo Scaglia

This body-less head from Giancarlo Scaglia is made by garbage bags and evokes a sense of terrorist and the everyday conflicts of guerilla fighters with local authorities, usually depicted by the media. (not saying this happens in Lima now, just a thought)

Superficial exercise #9 (2011) by Jose Carlos Martinat

There are also site-specific works by Jose Carlos Martinat in the show. This once above is a cast version of the opening & stair in the room, pelt-off from its origin and hung up on its own. These is a security man warning people not to walk onto the steps :)

Apart from the exhibition, the toilet of the gallery is also a must-see. The wall on the left as shown above is apparently made of soap or wax - quite impressive!

Full photo set here

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