art november in london . part 1

Tatsuo Miyajima ���男 - Pile Up Life

until 16.01.2010
Lisson Gallery

"Colour-stained" facade of the gallery seen from opposite of the road

Sorry for the long wait - it's been a busy month but I managed to drop by a few shows. They would be featured here one by one.

Tatsuo Miyajima's counting digit triggered a sense of anxiety, anticipation and thrill in Lisson Gallery on tuesday night. 

Pile Up Life (various) 2008

video link

C.F Counter Brain (various)
note: "C.F" stands for "Counter Fragile"

One may find clueless staring at these jumping numbers repeating the sequence from 9 to 1 or vice versa. But isn't life just as multi-faceted and clueless as Tatsuo's clouds of running digits? Amazing how he could sum up life in a bunch of wires and primitive counting!

The cool blue-ish LEDs in the C.F Counter Brain series are actually quite in time for christmas. I won't be surprised if they are mass-produced and placed on shelves in Selfridges it could easily become a best-seller substitute for traditional christmas tree / flower.

C.F Lifestructurism (various) 2008

video link (video not very successful to show changing digits unfortunately)

video link

full photo set here

Tatsuo has been commissioned for public art in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. His counting digits at the junction next to popular book store Tsutaya is one of the favourite photo spots of locals and tourists -

Tatsuo's work "Counter Void" (2003) at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo (image by hiromy)

Tatsuo's work "Counter Void" (2003) at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo (image by トリプ ・ tripu)

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