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GFEST 2010 Visual Arts Exhibition
Hampstead Town Hall / InterChange Studios

We are invited by sosogay.org for a private view of the GFEST's annual visual arts exhibition. GFEST is a cross-disciplinary arts festival, providing a platform for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer artists, organisations and venues to promote LGBT and queer arts.

Colin Hampden-White's Decoration (front)

A variety of formats is featured in this year's selection of visual arts exhibits, ranging from photography, painting to installation and ceramics. The following are three of the pieces exhibited in the show  -

Adventure of a Horny Dyke, by Helena Janecic

Forbidden Fruit, by Peter Garrard

Nuts by Simon Croft

Simon has explained his work above is to portray a sense of 'constructed masculinity' resembling that of the trans-gendered male. You can see the screws are not driven through the metal plate as they don't align with each other on both sides.

Nuts by Simon Croft (side view)

A preview of the other works in the show and the profiles of the artists can be seen here. For the exhibitions in the past years, check out the links below -

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