art january in london . part 1

Central Saint Martin MA Fine Arts Interim Show
Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf


The show is curated by students from MA Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice, Chelsea College of Art and Design. They designed 7 itineraries for visitors if they select 1 to follow. The followings are samples of the iteineraries -

Due to limited time, we didn't really follow the suggested itinerary but go up floor by floor instead. The show included works from both full-time & part-time students. The space inside the building is quite interesting and each student seem to have sufficient space to display their little 'unfinished' masterpiece(s) -

Video / Installation

Sound Art


Sound / Installation


Installation / Performance (the performance is not available when we visited)

This is the piece I like most - 3 metallic balloon hold in mid-air by their own strings:

central saint martin MA interim show 2010 by you.

The venue itself is full of surprises, too -
Keen to see how their final masterpieces turn out later in September...

Full photo set here