art october in london - part 1

Anish Kapoor
until 11.12.2009
Royal Academy of Arts

anish kapoor 2009 at RAA by you.
Shooting into the Corner (2008-9)

The powerful red splash is one of the two moving works featured in this show (the other is the Svayambh). Anish Kapoor has again presented simple geometric elements in a magnificient scale. The moving works, using blood-red wax brought into motion by the installation, have an element of "slowness" literally shown to the audience. This "slowness", contrast sharply with the ever-accelerating society we are living in.

anish kapoor 2009 at RAA by you.

Even you are not paying to see the indoor exhibition, there is still a masterpiece at the front yard of the academy which is free for the passers-by to get amazed. The spectacle of reflections actually work really well in this outdoor location, I am pretty sure it would be less impressive if placed indoor. It changes with the colour of the sky, as well as the movement of the people and the clouds. There are so much to be discovered in-between the different spheres...

Tall tree and the eye (2009) - video link

full photo set here

Anish Kapoor
until 14.11.2009
Lisson Gallery

this is london || 13.10.2009 by you.
Kapoor is here, could you find him?

At the same time, Lisson Gallery, which represents the artist, hosts a show of his new works to maximise their media exposure during the Frieze Art Fair. These colourful curvy "mirrors" are, probably, a delightful distractor for an economically hard time to many people.

anish kapoor at lisson gallery by you.
The visual black hole that "draws" you in...

anish kapoor at lisson gallery by you.
Train your eyes

The concave untitled (2009) "eye" made with fibre glass and paint with sparkle coating - video link

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2 responses
Interesting that you saw the tension in the speed evoked by the works. For me it was all about the materials - the artificiality of fibreglass and cement echoing organic forms in Slug and Greyman Cries, Shan an Dies, Billowing Smoke, Beauty Evoked?. The pliable wax of Svayamabh and Shooting into the Corner contrasted with the power and aggression of the works.

Also, I really liked how the curators filled the space and made me look at the actual gallery in a different way.

Will be interested in your views on Zoo this weekend.

I really loved Anish's use of space and colour. Th Yellow sun was my favourite piece - his use of yellow truly reminded me of Van Gogh's Sunflowers yellow! I also truly loved Tall tree and the Eye - mesmerizing!

Lolly aka @b_uncut aka @blogtillyoudrop