the season of graduation shows - Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martin MAFA Show

This is the last year Central Saint Martin MAFA graduates would have their graduation show in Charing Cross Road. Course Director Joanna Greenhill would be leaving th school as well this year. While nobody knows what would happen when the school re-opens next year in the transformed Granary & Transit Shed in King's Cross, we could all look back in what the MAFA students have done in the past year to mark the end of an era -

the show poster - lacks the eccentricity and edge of an art school in London?

The followings are some of the interesting finds in the show -

Josh Baum's Installation (flash clip)

a corner of the MFA show - video link

Walking up & down the Charing Cross Road building, you cannot stop reminiscing the student life in this historic block would be disappeared forever - 

panorama of internal courtyard - video link

And the luxury of being in the centre of West End, the sweeping panoramic view across the city from almost every windows facing outside is argurably the greatest asset of being a CSM student!

Full photo set

Let's hope CSM future students would have an even-brighter life in the regenerated neighbourhood, together with its many sparkling neighbours such as St Pancras Station, Kings Place, Gagosian Gallery & the Regent's Canal!

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