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Hilary Lloyd
Raven Row

Trousers (2010)

Raven Row is currently showing Hilary Lloyd's intruging video installations in its elegant 18th century household premise. The stripped space, free of any furniture but with the wall linings, motifs and fireplaces restored, is sublimed to the 21st century with the injection of clinical-gestured flat-screens installed by Hilary.

Motorway (2010) 

Hilary's works are multiple projections of the same subject in each piece, varying in different manner. In Tunnel and Crane, a seconds-long clip footage is repeated on two split screens but of slightly different frequencies. You feel like watching two unsynchronised pendulum clocks going side by side in an empty household abandoned by its master. Eventually they overlap and go back in tune again, but for a very short instance. Then they diverge again. This seemingly endless cycle of overlapping/slipping clips is quite intriguing.

Tunnel (2010) - video link

Crane (2010) - video link

There are also other works which do not behave in cycles as unsynchronised pendulums. One of the highlights is the curated positioning of all these pieces with the physical space of the gallery - the projections on a wall to the windows by the street, the screen in the middle of a corridor etc. And the abundance of space help to separate the works from one another, such that when you walk past a piece with the sound distancing, you have a transition moment before picking up sound coming from another piece. The experience is enjoyable and memorable.

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