art february in london - part 1

E2 Art Walk
Havn't visited Vyner Street for quite a while (previous post here), so when a few friends are visiting London this month, I stole the chance to re-visit it again.
The Chair Arch at V&A Museum of Childhood

Chair Arch (close-up)

We approached V&A Museum of Childhood on Cambridge Heath Road first after getting off at Bethnal Green Station. I decided to go in as I reckoned my friends would be interested to see the vintage toys. To our surprise, we found the chair arch which was previously exhibited at the V&A Museum in Kensington at the central space there! We also saw a great photography show at the entrance space called Wendy's World by london-based french artist Etienne Clément (check the Further Readings section below about the concept and a full view fo the works) - 


Parade by Etienne Clément

Continuing the walk up Cambridge Heath Road, we dropped by briefly at IMT gallery and 242 gallery -

Naoko Takahashi at IMT gallery

On Vyner Street we first stepped into 12A Gallery and found wonderful sculptures by Paul Munn -

Paul Munn at 12A Gallery 

Kate MacGarry is showing Josh Blackwell's miniature paper sweaters -

Josh Blackwell at Kate Macgarry

At Ibid Porjects there're some less-interesting installations of Magali Reus but the short film somehow makes it up. (Note: I previously posted an excerpt of the film here but the person who shot it has contacted me and told me that it is up for commercial sale and I should take it offline. So you won't be seeing it now.)

Background by Magali Reus at Ibid Projects

Nettie Horn has a compilation show with 3 artists, and we found Rebecca Stevenson to be the one that impressed us the most among them -

Show poster featuring Folie a l'orange (2009) by Rebecca Stevenson at Nettie Horn

Luxe Vert (2008) by Rebecca Stevenson at Nettie Horn

At the Gooden Gallery, Simon Morse's pseudo-mechanical switch boxes are lining up the walls of the gallery space. The mix of low-tech knobs and punch line text scattered on the face of the boxes creates a sense of strange-ness in the familiar -

Wilkinson Gallery has the most amazing work we have seen in the whole afternoon by london-based norwegian artist A K Dolven. The show is minimal yet powerful, characteristic of scandinavian aesthetics - 

Ahead (2008) by A K Dolven

The day the sky become my ground by A K Dolven at Wilkson Gallery (video link)

Full photo set here

Further Readings -
An interactive map of galleries in Vyner Street by the Guardian, 29.09.2009
Official website of Simon Morse
Official website of Paul Doeman
Official page of Wendy's World on Etienne Clément's website with full screen viewing of the series
Official website of A K Dolven

art march in london - part 2

hackney art walk

on a saturday in march, i was taken to vyner street by a friend for a gallery tour. a 10-minute walk from bethnal green station would take you into this amazing area with so many galleries.

hackney art walk . 72

hackney art walk . 33

many of these galleries are only open by appointment, you ring the door bell and somebody would release the lock. this may be due to the limited resources the galleries have for security. it is like visiting private clubs and the uncertainty of what's lying behind the door and the mysterious nature adds to the excitement.

hackney art walk

hackney art walk . 58

these galleries showcase a variety of works ranging from photography, paintings to sculptures, installations & video.

wilkinson gallery

to view more photos of the galleries, goto the flickr set

below is a list of galleries / interesting shops visited during the day. those marked with a * are my personal favourite -

donlon books* . some good art books and has ACNE (the swedish denim brand) magazine on sale
monika bobinska
neon &
keith talent
ibid projects
alma enterprises
kate macgarry
‎vyner street gallery
nettie horn* . the photography show is great and there is a small area in the management office displaying mataerials from previous shows
degree art* . the building has got some great timber construction, the show viewed with icelandic artist is also very cool
artists anonymous
wilkinson* . the gallery is fitted with floor-heating!! you could feel the warm coming out from the concrete to your feet, like being soaked in a virtual hotspring! :D
fred london
one in the other

you could get a free 
art map from or many of the galleries which has marked locations of almost all the galleries around the neighbourhood.