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The Clock - Christian Marclay
White Cube Mason's Yard

White Cube is showing Christian Marclay's latest film, The Clock, in their Mason's Yard gallery.

Editing from thousands of movies, the Swiss-American artist presents this project which shows scenes in movies when time is explicitly brought in, be it a clock at the background, a watch on the lead actress's wrist or a word from the mouth of the actor. The impressive part is that Christian has sewn all these clips together and actually make it "real time" - so the whole film lasts 24 hours, and the "time" displayed is exactly the moment you watch it, hence it's called "the clock".

Click here to read more about this piece of work from the Economist (with slideshow).

The gallery is also showing 2 other works of the artist -

Sound Holes (2007)

Sound Holes (2007)

Manga Scroll (2010)
Manga Scroll (2010)
Manga Scroll (2010) - video link
When the work is displayed in New York earlier this year, there's a live performance accompanying the showing -
Theo Bleckmann performs Christian Marclay's Manga Scroll live at the Whitney Museum of American Art 02.09.2010, video by earrelevantmusic

Another piece on display at New York -
Chalkboard (2010, video by WhitneyFocus

Here's a short video about the artist (not related to the show) -
Christian Marclay mini documentary by gmooney

Location -

The Clock is showing in the next 2 weekends in the gallery, make sure you catch it and experience the magic (there're comfy sofa to lay back and watch!).


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