art august in london - part 1

Playing the Building: an Installation by David Bryne
till 31.08.2009
The Roundhouse

the roundhouse by you.
antony gormley's standing man at the edge of the roundhouse (not part of the installation)

playing the building by you.
people queuing for the piano

playing the building by you.
some of the keys on the keyboard are not working any more, probably broken by previous visitors

playing the building by you.
these buttons add special effects to the sounds

playing the building by you.
the labyrinth of cables & wires at the back of the piano

playing the building by you.
the wires connecting to each sound box on each column around the hall

playing the building by you.
close-up of a sound box

official video by the Roundhouse on youtube

Full photo set here


Rankin Live
till 18.09.2009
The Old Truman Brewery

rankin live by you.
Entrance of the show in truman brewery

rankin live by you.
Banner opposite the entrance at brick lane

rankin live by you.
Is this an official edit?

rankin live by you.
Cute graphics by Them Design

rankin live by you.

Rankin (full name as John Rankin Waddell) is one of the big names among British fashion photographers, if not the only one. This comprehensive retrospective show is a unique opportunity for people to understand how the master develops his career and, with a bit of luck, the chance to see him in action shooting models or even your good self.

rankin live by you.
Works are grouped in themes, visitors could see for themselves the essence of Rankin's works in different topics/subjects.

Apart from his commercial works, the show also has a generous collection of his college years' shoots, his self-portrait collection and a series he did for the people of Congo. It demonstrates how he has grown into a celebrity on his own from shooting all those fashion campaigns for Dazed & Confused magazine, and yet not forgetting to use his fame for promoting social causes and helping the underprivileged.

rankin live by you.
show catalogue

behind the scenes


Jack Freak Pictures by Gilbert & George
White Cube Gallery

jack freak pics by gilbert & george by you.

Gilbert & George's signature "church stained-glass"-like paintings have a mysterious psychological power, perhaps due to the prevalence of such medium in religious art. They use the Union Jack, the british flag pattern, extensively in many works on this show. Nevertheless, their version of the Union Jack is not identical to the official one - the proportion of the 3 colours in their own version is equal and unbiased, giving a subtle twist in line with the contemporary context of political change in the UK. They also apply various symbols of street art in some works - maintaining their "relevance" to a new generation of the audience.

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