A multi-media public art sensation

part of Late at Tate Britain

KMA, an artist duo belongs to Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler, had brought their amazing interactive installation to London this week.

People gather around the screen and found themselves becoming part of the installation

Setting it at the venue of Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground in the Chelsea College of Art & Design next to Tate Britain is clearly not going to attract attention as much as the Outrace in Trafalgar Square during the London Design Festival. However, we would say the quiet neighbourhood proves to be a more suitable location for the KMA's work. It is a very poetic act to try inviting viewers to become performers and get involved in the whole act. And it proves to be very successful despite the bad weather on last friday - see for yourselves in the following pictures and videos -

Light beams on ground trace the presence of 'performers' within the detection zone and follow their movements as well 

Spotlights are cast on 'performers' in sequence

People posing for the motion-capture under spotlight

People follows their 'own' light-cones cast on them previously when the cones start to move along a circular path, making a ritual-like moment

The music by Peter Broderick is an importance part to ignite the mood of the participants -
The 'stage' at Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground - video link

Another video when the performance was hold in Bournemouth Square for its European debut - video by Alastair Nisbet

We believe KMA has done a wonderful and truly multi-media sensation. It can really represent the best of Britain to audience around the world!

Full photo set

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art september in london . part 1

Salon (London)
295 Regent Street

salon gallery by you.

full photo set here

The pop-up space at 295 Regent Street are filled with interesting works ranging from photography & installations to paintings and live performances. Having a colourful walking man in the middle of a disused floor space is quite an amazing encounter.


Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton
Whitechapel Gallery

current reading . 13.09.2009 by you.

current reading . 13.09.2009 by you.

Elizabeth Peyton's show in Whitechapel Gallery, as reported by "art & music" magazine (summer 2009 issue)

Something special about her works is that she seems to use small formats most of the time - 95% of the paintings are so small that they could be fit in your handbag or messenger bag. Yet despite the tiny size of each piece, the subject is usually of big fame. As seen in the show and as listed in wikipedia, her celebrity subjects have included Noel and Liam Gallagher of the rock band Oasis, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, Chloë Sevigny, Princes William and Harry, Abraham Lincoln, Graham Coxon, Keith Richards, John Lennon, Marc Jacobs, Kurt Cobain, Eminem, Ludwig II of Bavaria, and members of The Kennedy Family.

Another signature of her works is the vivid palette she uses. However, the vivid background and/or surrounding would very often leave the subject looks particularly pale and stand-out in the painting. She also manages to capture gestures well.

To see the show is like witnessing a period of time which Elizabeth Peyton captured with her selection of the 'icons of the era'.


Anthony Burrill: In a New Place

Kemistry Gallery

Kemistry Gallery at Shoreditch featuring Anthony Burrill's trademark at the garage door

Anthony Burrill's new works in Kemistry Gallery is a collection of rainbow synthetic perspex cuts with the very mastery black, white and a bits of reflective mirror surfaces. There are also a few pieces about the meterological symbols - clouds, lightning and so on. Highly conceptual yet simple and pleasant. 

For those who don't know him, A.B. (as his initials like what's shown above) is a reknown designer famous for his many websites for Air, Kraftwerk, David Holmes etc.

Cold Corners by Eva Rothschild
Duveens Commission series
Tate Britain

eva rothschild in tate britain by you.
The pointy metal pipes bounce up and down across the main passage


The Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground

this is london || 05.09.2009 by you.

rootstein hopkins foundation parade ground by you.

First time I visited this place which is next to Tate Britain. Nice open ground ideal for public exhibitions and/or performances. Would get to know more about its upcoming events and the works &/or artists on display.

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art april in london

Tate Britain's triennial 2009 - Altermodern

This year's Triennial was curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, who co-founded the influential contemporary gallery Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The manifesto is "Post-modernism is daed" - a new universalism is emerging with the development of globalisation, and artists are reflecting changes around them, "traverse a cultural landscape saturated with signs and create new pathways between multiple formats of expression and communication". 

tate triennial - altermodern . 02 by you.
Altermodern showed a vareity of works from installations, photographs to videos...

tate triennial - altermodern . 09 by you.
Transparency series and fedex series 2007-8 by Walead Beshty
guess how these works are made - see notes in the original photo link for answer

tate triennial - altermodern . 08 by you.
Liquid Crystal Environment 
1. Landscape
2. Breathing
3. Torsion
4. Kaos
2005 by Gustav Metzger

full photo set here

Tremors where forever (frequency of an image, white edit) 2008 by Loris Greaud


Neue gallerie's grand opening show - keep it secret (23.04.2009)

Neue Gallerie from Switzerland has opened their London gallery with a show bringing works of 7 swiss contemporary artists with a theme of "a very volatile issue". 

keep it secret | neue gallerie london . 01 by you.

keep it secret | neue gallerie london . 04 by you.

keep it secret | neue gallerie london . 10 by you.

I think the works have a sense of dark humour, and the use of materials have a similarity of those in the Altermodern show - a detournement of the original purpose of a material type, into some unexpected territory, generating a sense of strangeness within the familiars...

full photo set 


Dialogue between Ron Arad & Anthony Gormley at Timothy Taylor Gallery (24.04.2009)

ron arad at timonthy taylor . 07 by you.
They made an enjoyable and enlightening dialogue in the night

ron arad at timonthy taylor . 01 by you.
'oh, the farmer & the cowman should be friends' - the proper name of the america shelf by ron arad

ron arad at timonthy taylor . 03 by you.
The two playing around the 'rod gomli' chair - Ron asked Tim (the gallery owner) if he allows people to sit on the chairs as one of the audience said he is always forbidden by gallery staff on interacting with works even if it was the intentions of the artists, Tim replied, "Yes, under proper supervision." Ron invited the guy to come out and try sitting on it : )

ron arad at timonthy taylor . 16 by you.
Bodyguards - by ron arad

full photo set here

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